Episode 1: Konar and Kebos


Topics are as follows:

Discusion 1: Thoughts? Laggy on old computer. Farming guild is good! - Abbiyah Removed doors from level restricted area Skills teleport is good for farming guild. Bank is close to teleport - sudwood Overall design is really good. Sad about herb prices - lastpickle

New slayer master is really close to fairy ring.
Agility is 70s for shortcut
Strength of monsters along with number assigned is high! - lastpickle
New drop table gets you more money especially hellhounds - lastpickle
Dragon hasta really good. for low levels.
Most expencive konar drops 222k


Discusion 2: Current abilities of lance: 20% damage buff against dragons 20% accuracy buff agianst dragons

Current abilities of crossbow
    30% damage buff against dragons
    30% accuracy buff agianst dragons

Crossbow outpaces the lance in all situations

Should lance be buffed?




topic 1: For farming contracts, bind amulet of nature to the contracted plant patch so that you know when it is grown.

To always get the new wiki when searching:
    Add the -wikia to the end of your
    google searches!

topic 2: 50 farming contracts complete - My thoughts

Hi , I don’t post very often so sorry about formatting issues (on mobile). Any
thoughts would be very appreciated - I’d love any feedback on what strategy you
use to complete contracts quickly and on other possible rewards from the farming

I just finished 50 farming contracts and wanted to give my thoughts on the
contract system meta and maybe suggest a few alternative rewards. I have
completed 35 hard, 10 medium, and 5 easy contracts. I realize others may have
many more contracts complete, but I’ve done enough so that I feel I can share
some thoughts. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed the guild and it seems fantastic for
many stages of account progression.

My Meta

As discussed on 2007scape previously, keeping things grown and not checking
health / harvesting is by far the best way I’ve found to complete contracts. For
grinding hard contracts, I keep the following grown at all times: Palm tree,
Maple tree, Dwarf Weed or Lantadyme, Poison Ivy Bush, Watermelons and Snape
Grass. These have been the most common contracts that I have received over and
over again, and often times I can turn in 2-3 contracts at a single time. I then
obtain contracts until I do not have the item that item grown and replant the
list above and the new contract.

My general strategy has been to reroll any contract that will take longer than
160 minutes to grow. I then go to the medium contract table, which contains many
of the plants I keep grown (maple, watermelons, snape grass, poison ivy bush)
for something I have already grown. If instead I am rolled a yew tree, I will
then proceed to the easy contract table.

Being above level 85 farming (and even 65 farming) on the easy contract table
can be extremely punishing (as discussed on reddit yesterday) – I have been
assigned both an apple and orange tree and end up having to grow the tree for 16
hours before proceeding with other contracts. Because of this fact, I will
generally complete all contracts that take less than 160 minutes to complete on
the hard or medium contract table.

Rewards Overview

Rewards seem to be based on the type of contract completed, and less so on the
value of seed grown. For hard contracts, it seems that you are guaranteed a roll
on a valuable seed table (and have a chance at a second roll on the table),
which contains the following seeds: Mahogany (usually drops in pairs), Ranarr,
Snapdragon, Torstol, Fruit tree seeds above palm seeds, Tree seeds above Maple,
Celastrus, and Hespori seeds. Even with 50 contracts completed, I cannot
statistically confirm that you get a roll on this table but from talking to
folks at the farming guild this seems to be the case.

Following the valuable seed drops will be an assortment (~8 rolls) of medium
level herb seeds, snape grass, potato cactus, allotment seeds etc. However, this
does not seem to be a random chance. Over the course of completing 50 contracts,
I now have 160 irit seeds in the bank, with other medium level seeds totaling
much less (~30 kwarm, toadflax).

For the medium and easy tiers, it seems like you have a declining chance of
getting the valuable seed table, but still receive the same ~8 rolls on the
generic seed table. I was lucky to obtain my Celastrus seed to complete the
Kourend elite diary by rerolling my 5th completed contract to an easy contract
and completing it.

Improvements / Alternative Rewards

One interesting set of rewards that they could add (or transfer) to the farming
guild would be the addition of the tithe farm shop to the guild. I think that
being able to obtain the Gricoller’s can (bottomless watering can), the seed
box, and the farming outfit would be a great fit for rewards from the farming
contract system.

My suggestion if this were to be implemented would be to provide the player
points based on the level of contract completed. For easy contracts it could
provide 1 point, medium 2 points, and hard 3 points (or double these point
values). There could be a x5 multiplier for every 10 contract completed (some
system similar to slayer) to help people obtain the outfits. It is worth
mentioning this would still take quite a bit of time, with my proposed system
you would need to complete nearly 100 hard contracts to obtain the outfit.
Players could then choose to passively obtain the outfit through the farming
guild contract system, or to actively obtain it through playing the tithe farm

There has also been a large discussion on adding some sort of seed storage to
the farming guild, the addition of the seed box from the tithe farm rewards shop
could reward the player with seed storage for completing contracts.

Another alternative improvement could be to allow players to cancel their
current farming contract for a set amount of points. I have mixed feelings about
this suggestion, but I’m not sure what others might think.

One last small complaint I have is that by grinding contracts I have gained
quite a few Hespori seeds. With the growth time of 36 hours, I’ll probably have
enough for eternity soon (already have 10 banked with 3kc). I realize that you
can disable receiving Hespori seeds by talking to the guy outside the cave, but
I feel like this system could use a bit of tweaking – either to the growth rate
of the Hespori or to the rate which they are dropped to find a happy medium.

topic 3: Hydra unique droprates based on 37K+ kills

Based on 37082 kills (at time of writing) done by members of Solitary, droprates
of hydra uniques are as follows:

    Hydra's claw: 1/1K

    Hydra leather: 1/500

    Hydra tail: 1/500

    Hydra eye/fang/heart (ring piece roll): 1/200

    Dragon thrownaxes or knives: 1/1K

    Pet: 1/3K

Would be cool if any jmods could verify the accuracy of these, but hopefully
this is helpful!

topic 4: Below is a list of the changes we would like to make.

Add a new Mystic set with a Mount Karuulm colour scheme

There is potential for further uniques - ideas so far include Konar's equipment:
her shield and an ornament kit that could be added to the Dragon hasta to make
it resemble the one she uses. Let us know any other ideas you have for new
uniques that could be put on the loot table!

After the changes, Konar's Unique table would be accessed at the same rates.
Both the Dragon hasta and the Mystic subtable will be a 1/200 chance. In the
Mystic subtable, each Mystic piece has an equal chance of being rolled.

topic 5: Poll Question #1 Should Alry the Angler at the centre of Lake Molch sell the Angler outfit in his shop at a cost of 100 Molch Pearls a piece? The outfit would still be obtainable from the Fishing Trawler minigame.

Poll Question #2 Should the rate at which players can expect to obtain a Molch
Pearl from aerial fishing scale from 1/100 to 1/75 based on a combination of
their Fishing and Hunter levels? At 99 in both, players can expect it to be
1/75, at 43 Fishing and 35 Hunter the rate is 1/100.

Poll Question #3 Should players have the option to sell their Golden tench to
Alry for 100 Molch Pearls? 

Poll Question #4 Should the Golden Tench no longer count as a ‘fun weapon’, and
have its accuracy and defensive bonuses all set to 0, with an attack rate of 3

Poll Question #5 Should a Seed Vault as described above be added to the first
tier of the Farming Guild? It would only store standard, un-watered seeds and
not be made available to Ultimate Ironmen.

Poll Question #6 Should the Alchemical Hydra have a Hydra head added to its loot
table? This could be used to recolour the Slayer helm. This would require
spending 1,000 Slayer points in the reward shop as it does with other Slayer
helm recolours.

Poll Question #7 If the above question passes and a Hydra Head is added to the
loot table of the Alchemical Hydra, should players be able to mount it on the
wall of the Skill Hall in their player owned house? This would reward the player
with 1201 Construction xp and 200 xp in Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic and

Poll Question #8 Should an Agility shortcut requiring 88 Agility that allows
players to go directly to the Alchemical Hydra without being attacked by other
monsters in the dungeon be created? This takes the same time as walking through
the dungeon.

Poll Question #9 Should shields and potions offering an anti-dragonfire effect
offer protection from the Drakes' special attack? The usual levels of protection
will apply, meaning an Anti-dragon shield alone will not provide full

Poll Question #10 Should poison protection such as the effects of
super-antipoison potions and antidotes halve the amount of damage the player
receives from the damage-over-time dealt by standing on the poison pool from a
regular Hydra's special attack? 

Poll Question #11 Should the base Prayer experience gained from burying Wrym
bones be increased to 50?

Poll Question #12 Should the base Prayer experience gained from burying Drake
bones be increased to 80?

Poll Question #13 Should the base Prayer experience gained from burying Hydra
bones be increased to 110?

Poll Question #14 Should players have the ability to combine the Hydra tail with
the standard Abyssal whip to create the Bone whip as described above? This would
create a 72 Attack non-degradeable weapon with stats almost halfway between the
standard Abyssal whip and the Abyssal tentacle. If this question passes, the
Hydra tentacle will no longer be required to make the Bonecrusher necklace and
players who have made one already will be refunded a Hydra tail.

Poll Question #15 Should we make it so that gaining favour with one Kourend
house no longer removes favour with the others? The overall time taken to reach
maximum favour in all houses would not be impacted by this change.

Poll Question #16 If the above question passes, should we add an extra 10k xp
lamp reward to the Architectural Alliance miniquest? If this question passes,
players who have already completed the miniquest will also receive the lamp.

Poll Question #17 Should we add the X Marks the Spot quest? This will be a short
F2P quest with no requirements that is designed to provide more links between
Kourend and the mainland.

Poll Question #18 Should monsters drop a Key or similar item which could be
given to Konar in exchange for a roll on her exclusive loot table? This would
not affect the loot table itself or chances of gaining particular items in any

Poll Question #19 Should players receive a message in their chat box to notify
them of a monster rolling on Konar's loot table? This would be off by default
and would be enabled by talking to Konar.

topic 6: Graphical Changes Brimstone Boots The Brimstone Boots have been updated to look more like boots!

Ferocious Gloves
The Ferocious Gloves now cover the players' hands and the inventory model has
been updated to show this.

Seed Boxes
The graphic for seed boxes given with contracts in the Farming Guild has been

Farming Guild Doors

In response to players reporting a bottleneck occuring at the doors within the
Farming guild, they now use a barrier system. Before you pass through,
Guildmaster Jane will check you meet the Farming level requirements for that
part of the Guild and admit or refuse you entry.

Fishing and the Golden Tench

Golden Tench Nerf
The negative stats that all fun weapons usually have were added to the Golden
tench to ensure safe slapping all around.

Animation Snapping
While 3 tick fishing, players previously used a snapping animation to assist
with their timing which was removed with the release of equippable fishing rods.
This has been re-implemented.

High Alch Values
High alch value shouldn't dictate the value of an item unless it is specifically
used as a 'high alch' drop (rune platebodies, platelegs etc...) on a drop table.
Avoiding this prevents excess gold coming into the game.

For new items, we'd prefer to focus our efforts on improving them to be worth a
value above their alch value. This is why we are exploring options with the
Hydra tail.

In Other News: ETC..

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